Old Town Festival
Old Town Festival
Old Town Festival © Uwe Niklas

There are many things to do for all generations!

A culinaric highlight for everyone!

The old town festival in the city centre of Nuremberg

One thing we really like doing in Nuremberg is throwing a party! Spending time with family and friends while drinking a good beer, laughing, dancing, and enjoying life - could there be anything better?

The Old Town Festival in Nuremberg has been taking place every year since 1970. Traditionally, it is opened by the mayor tapping the first keg of beer on the main stage. A brass band starts the event off right. The whole family can then enjoy music, typical franconian food and the children can get on various rides. 

For us Nuremberger the old town festival is a total "Must do!". Finally, a reason to put on our Dirndl or Lederhosen and celebrate in good company! 

But not only the locals are enjoying this event. The old town festival is a place for everyone! 

We hope you are having a good time!