Franconian Beer Festival
Franconian Beer Festival
Franconian Beer Festival © Uwe Niklas, CTZ

Plenty of visitors make the event even more special!

The longest beer garden in Europe

A different kind of festival 

If there is one thing, we franconians really know how to do, than it is brewing and drinking good beer! And you know where it is the most fun? Right, with good company in a beautiful beer garden. 

The beer festival that takes place in the moat behind the imperial castle and it is not the typical beer garden you will find all over Nuremberg. It starts in summer and lasts for four days. Everything in the longest and arguably the most beautiful beer garden in the world will revolve around extraordinary brewing specialties from Franconia and beyond. 

Our Tip: Start in the early afternoon right at the entrance of the Beer Festival. From there on amble along plenty of booths, try some traditional beer and get yourself one of the delicious traditional goodies they sell all over the place. At the end of the festival you can either go for a little walk back to the Hotel VICTORIA or stroll through the little alleys of the old town.  

In the moat of the Nuremberg Castle

Free entry

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29. May 2024 – 02. June 2024