Experience the city like we do, your hosts from Hotel VICTORIA.

We love Nuremberg.

We love Nuremberg, because of its infinite amount of sides... sometimes historical, traditional, other times young and lively... Nuremberg has many green areas and also all the water features have their own role to play. Art, culture for every taste... and between all the flavours, also gastronomically there is incredibly much to discover.
We welcome you to make our city yours for the stay and invite you to follow our insider tips to our favourite places in Nuremberg.

Because just like our guests, we too are a colourful mix of different nations and cultures, we are interested in many things and above all, curious to experience something new again and again.

Among us, there are some genuine Nurembergers, whose love for the city sparked the day they were born. However, there are also a few newcomers in our team, in whom the enthusiasm for their new home just started growing...
We are joyful family people, adventurers, athletes and so much more... We are your passionate VICTORIA hosts and we simply love Nuremberg!

Therefore, it is our hearts´ desire to present to you, our guests, OUR Nuremberg.
We hope that our little project brings you as much joy as it does to us, and we invite you to share your enthusiasm with us (@hotel_victoria_nuernberg).

Explore our favourite city!

Our insider tips for Nuremberg